About Us

Vitality Holdings Limited (trading as VITALITY or VHL) was established in 2018 as a limited company registered under the Companies Act of Malawi No. 15 of 2013. Vitality is the Africa’s leading and diversified Group of Companies. It is a Pan-African, consumer-centric business with strong roots in growing and promoting the well-being of Africans and its clients through provision of quality products.

The company recognizes that a successful business dwells on the critical areas of ensuring that clients are satisfied and receives value for money. VHL appreciates that well established business on the African continent evolves alongside its host markets, whilst creating shared economic value in our communities. 

We focus on supplying our diverse range of products to the domestic markets in which we operate and to our regional neighbors. Through our own internal dedication of well experienced members of staff we aim to ensure reliable, cost-effective supply of our products and quality services to all of our own operations and where economically viable, to export our products to other countries through partnership.

We take enormous pride in our people employed across a range of disciplines in all our companies, with the focus on values driven leadership, talent management, leadership growth and an active learning and development process underscored by the Group’s customised Engaged Performance Management Program which tracks the professional growth and achievement of strategy-aligned personal objectives of every single employee. Vitality focuses on creating a safe working environment and is in alignment with the occupational health and safety legislation. 

As a major private investor in Malawi and Africa, Vitality operates and conduct its business in Malawi with collaboration with other companies in countries which face considerable challenges in the form of poverty, unemployment, inequality and disease and considered as world’s least developed countries. The Group has a significant positive impact on the rural communities in the areas where we operate, by creating valuable jobs and economic opportunities, and providing accommodation, health care, educational assistance and basic services to employees. In addition, where no such facilities exist, we provide medical care to communities, assist in education delivery, provide municipal and civic services and access to water and sanitation, and participate in community outreach programs. This is achieved through our Social Responsibility Program, Vitality Foundation. The foundation also supports orphans, promote human rights, economic empowerment and support students with bursaries. 

Our continuing ambition is to create a local Malawian company which has a huge impact on Africa with the aim of ensuring that the company is anchored on delivering value to our customers and consumers, promoting sustainable agricultural, health, economic and sound manufacturing processes mindful of our impacts on the environment and, through the collaborative efforts of our own people, resources and skills, supporting the needs and aspirations of our many communities and stakeholders. 

We are a wholly-owned limited company which was founded by Dr Collins and Felisah Mitambo.  


Our vision is to contribute to the sustainable development of Malawian and African economy by building market businesses through our focused approach, continuous enhancement of our shareholders’ value professional integrity and strong partnerships with local businesses. To be the leading company in health services delivery, transportation, hospitality and economic empowerment in Malawi and Africa. Our commitment to our partners is a core component of our success, and we continually focus on nurturing them with trust and disciplined business practices.


Guided by relentless focus on our core principles, Vitality Holdings Ltd constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve our vision as well to maximize the value of the Company and aim for sustainable growth by sharing the Company’s strategies with each company, moving forward together in the same direction.

Our mission is to carry out investments projects in the domestic and international markets in accordance with the highest global quality standards, guided by the principles of professional ethics. 

We draw on our strong team experience and the network of our principal investors to generate superior returns for our stakeholders. Vitality Holding Ltd aims to invest in and build a portfolio of sustainable investments, driven by established goals to build shareholder value, mindful of its social, economic and environmental responsibilities, as it remains to be committed to integrity, honesty and fairness in all dealings with its stakeholders.

Our Core Values

Vitality Holdings Limited is guided by the following Core Values or guiding principles: Integrity, Transparency and Accountability, Humility and Teamwork, Creativity and Innovation, Service to the Public Good, Collaboration, Human Rights and Gender Sensitivity.

a) Integrity and Transparency.

We will conduct all business transactions to the highest ethical standards, always living up to commitments.

b. Humility and Team work.

We will always live up to the core values of humility and perseverance. Success will not lead to arrogance or overconfidence and setbacks will be met with perseverance and determination.

c. Creativity, Innovation and Communication.

We hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders and sincerely accept their opinions, reflecting them in our corporate management. We are team full of innovators with diversity in our operation. Our team are recruited on the condition of having a good track record on innovation.

d. Financial Discipline, 

We will continue to live up to our principles of financial discipline. This will be achieved through a solid commitment to keeping the Group’s entities well capitalized, maintaining a conservative financial leverage strategy and making sure all commitments are met on time.

          c) Human Rights and Gender Sensitivity

We aim to conduct our business by always observing that our employees and customer’s rights are well protected. We will also ensure mainstreaming gender in our business. VHS will continue to promote  the respect to human rights and promotion of gender equality


Under the Group’s integrated business sustainability framework, we are committed to safe and sustainable operations, driving efficiency initiatives, and proactively looking towards diversification opportunities to expand our revenue streams. The activities and economic impacts driven via our inclusive value chains from source to final product are considerable.

What we do

Our Companies

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